Aussie Millions

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Posted on Jan 21st 2008
Went down to watch for a few days and the atmosphere was really good.  Really going to try hard to qualify through a satellite next year.
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Posted on Jan 30th 2008
Good luck brother! 
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Posted on Feb 13th 2008
Good luck :)
Let the flop be with you
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Posted on Mar 4th 2008  -  Subject: wow
good luck!!
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Posted on Apr 13th 2008
found a good site  to watch  live poker   at  they  have everything on there   even high stake golf with the pros
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Posted on May 31st 2008
good luck  
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Posted on Aug 20th 2008  -  Subject: yep
Didn't try to play this year, but will have a shot at some satellites next also next year i may enter
nobody is perfect ....... i am nobody
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Posted on Sep 5th 2008  -  Subject: hay
if i had $10.000 did go and enter even if you dont get far its the experance ud get  from it would be out of this world
If you not willing to lose money how can you axspect to win big
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Posted on Oct 7th 2008  -  Subject: GL
GL then!
OEPS! I'm your huckleberry... thats JUST my game! five hundred.. must be a......peache of a hand....
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