I can't make a real money account on CD Poker

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Posted on Jan 23rd 2007  -  Subject: I can't make a real money account on CD Poker
I tried to make a real money account on CD Poker. But the site won't let me. They said I couldn't create one in my "legal jurisdiction." Now, I understand BUSH is a retard, but how am I supposed to collect my benefits if I can't even get on the site? What other incentives are out there?
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Posted on Jan 23rd 2007
CDpoker does not at this accept USA players...don't quote me on this but I do beleive Qpoker does and you can earn NIBS there as well...PI is working on a solution for USA players as we speak so be patient :)
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Posted on Jan 24th 2007
Yep, CD is forbidden for US players, but QPoker should work!
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Posted on Jan 24th 2007
Dont even try to e-mail CDpoker support they will just reply with same answer NO USA players its a bit of a shame but oh well blame bush for it
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Posted on Jan 24th 2007

CDPoker no longer allow USA players but QPoker do so please email our support team so they can work something out with you and they will provide you everything you need to know. Plus we're also working on something new as stated in Announcement in My Account :

USA members are probably aware that Neteller announced yesterday that they will no longer be accepting new USA accounts, nor will they allow existing USA members to transfer funds to or from any gambling site. Rather than speculate as to whether or not this is a good decision for Neteller, we would rather inform all of our loyal USA members (and others, of course) about PokerInside's plan to conquer the frustration!

In the near future, PokerInside will be releasing a PLAY MONEY ONLY online poker solution that will allow you to win sweet cash and prizes each and every week. We are creating this solution in conjunction with our online poker school that is in development, which we think will be a huge success in the industry. You will never have to worry about depositing funds into any online poker account ever again, since we will GIVE you a bankroll each week in our software to play with.

While we work on the development of this, we appreciate your patience and urge you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There WILL be 100% legal online poker for all of you in the United States that love to play. We look forward to being the best poker community in the work that can provide you with the ultimate solution!

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