EXCLUSIVE 50% Rakeback Offer!

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Posted on Jun 4th 2008
convidei amigos e na recebi nada
Paulo Pereira
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Posted on Aug 25th 2008
i have created my account i think i just have to wait 48 hours, isn't it?
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Posted on Sep 6th 2008  -  Subject: thanks
Thanks Jeff, if you would´nt have said something i would have invested at FatbetPoker but now i stick with Betmost !
OEPS! I'm your huckleberry... thats JUST my game! five hundred.. must be a......peache of a hand....
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Posted on Dec 6th 2008
Hey this is not an pokerinside benefit ,all players get 50% rakeback on fatbet!!!
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Posted on Dec 8th 2008

For the complete details of the rakeback you can email FatBet support, they will let you know when they will pay the rakeback, how it works etc. Rakeback is paid by FatBet not PokerInside.

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Posted on Apr 21st 2009
fatbet?worst site i ever played!it's the second time they blocked my account for nothing!
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Posted on Sep 15th 2017
ohhh that is fantastic, I think
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