Michael Eiler wins EPT Vienna, Negreanu 4th

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Posted on Oct 31st 2010  -  Subject: Michael Eiler wins EPT Vienna, Negreanu 4th

It was 20 year old Michael Eiler's day as he won the EPT Vienna and the top prize of €700,000 despite being short stacked for much of the day.  He employed an effective strategy of open showing when he was short, taking down many sizable blinds to stay alive while the other players dropped.

Martin Hruby ended in second place, but had become the chip leader mid way through play today when he won a pivotal hand after a couple hours of little action. 

The play was 5 handed with Luca Cainelli, from Italy, and the table's tightest player raising in early position. Danieal called, and Martin Hruby from the Czech Republic called. The flop was K,8,5.  Luca continuation bet 3/4 of the pot and both Daniel and Martin called. The turn brought the 9 and Luca shoved all in for a nearly pot sized bet, Daniel re-shoved all in and then Martin hesitated and called.  When the cards were turned over, Luca has Aces, Daniel had K,9 for top two pair, and Martin his his open ender drawn to the straight, 6,7.  He had effectively slow rolled the others.  Luca was knocked out, and Daniel was left short stacked. Daniel went out 30 minutes later, right before the dinner break in 4th for €175,000.

Final results:

1. Michael Eiler, Germany - €700,000

2. Martin Hruby, Czech Republic - €470,000

3. Konstantinos Nanos, Greece - €265,000

4. Daniel Negreanu, Canada - €175,000

5. Luca Cainnelli, Italy - €140,000

6. Andreas Wiese, Germany - €105,000

7. Matthias Lotze, Germany - €76,000

8. Bruno Launais, France - €60,000

9. Kirill Zapletin, Russia - €44,000

The European Poker Tour event in Vienna, attracted a field of 578 players, paying the €5,000 buy-in, combining for an overall prize pool of €2,935,000, making this the richest poker tournament ever staged in Austria. From that field the top 80 players will finish in the prize money


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