Jeff Forrest wins WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals for $548,752

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Posted on Nov 3rd 2010  -  Subject: Jeff Forrest wins WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals for $548,7

On hand 203 of the televised final table, Jeff Forrest wins the 2010 WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals, earning $548,752, a WPT bracelet, and a Foxwoods trophy. Forrest's prize includes a $25,500 entry into the season-ending WPT World Championship. There were 242 entrants to the tournament.

Jeff and David Inselberg were playing level 29 with the blinds at 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante


Forrest min-raises to 200,000, and Inselberg folds. The flop comes 9diamond8spade5club, Inselberg checks, Forrest bets 250,000, and Inselberg snap-check-raises to 600,000. Forrest pauses for about 10 seconds and says, "I'm all in." Inselberg pauses for a beat and says, "I call."

Forrest shows QdiamondQheart for an overpair, and Inselberg turns over 9heart6spade for top pair with a gutshot straight draw. Inselberg needs to improve to stay alive.

The turn card is the Qspade, and Forrest improves to a set. Inselberg needs to catch a seven to stay alive.

The river card is the Aclub Jeff Forrest wins the pot -- and the tournament -- with a set of queens.


Thomas Marchese who has been on a hot live tournament streak in 2010 went out on a tough beat in 3rd.

Jeff Forrest raises from the button to 275,000, Thomas Marchese Marchese moves all in, and Forrest calls with Kclub6heart. Marchese shows AclubKspade, and he's a dominant favorite to double up here.

Marchese says, "Jesus!" as he sees a six in the window. The board comes Jdiamond8club6spadeQclub2diamond, and Forrest pairs his kicker on the flop to win the pot.

Final Table Results:

1. Jeff Forrest - $548,752

2. Dave Inselberg - $325,608

3. Thomas Marchese - $211,759

4. Nikolai Yakovenko - $170,773

5. Keven Stammen - $128,650

6. Mohsin Charania - $104,741


Source: WPT

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