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Posted on Jan 11th 2012  -  Subject: I poker rake
  iPoker Network Changes Rake Distribution Method Starting on March 1, cash game rake for all sites on the iPoker Network will undergo one change: rake will be distributed according to the "weighted contributed" method instead of "average contributed". Whenever a cash game hand is played on a site on the iPoker Network, the site rewards the players who participated in the hand with VIP Points.While each iPoker site maintains the VIP system in a slightly different way, they currently all distribute VIP Points based on the "average contributed" method. Under this method, all players who reach the flop of a hand are awarded an equal number of VIP Points at the end of the hand, regardless of their actual contribution to the pot. The weighted contributed method On March 1, 2012, all sites on the iPoker Network will switch to the "weighted contributed" method for distributing VIP Points.Under the new method, VIP Points will be awarded proportionately according to how much money each player puts into a pot. If you put 40% of the chips into the pot, you'll receive 40% of the VIP Points at the end of the hand, and so on. What do you thinking about that??
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Posted on Jan 11th 2012
It screws people. Get ready for your rakeback to go down. This is happening on every site. When I was on FT, it dropped by 50%. There is no longer a significant bonus for being a volume player.
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Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts