Female Players winners..

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Posted on Sep 10th 2013  -  Subject: Female Players winners..
Vanessa SelbstUnited States PokerStars $7,398,454 Kathy LiebertUnited States $5,909,130 Annie DukeUnited States $4,270,549 Annette ObrestadNorway $3,910,678 Vanessa RoussoUnited States PokerStars $3,504,091 Jennifer HarmanUnited States $2,697,533 Joanne LiuUnited States $2,647,085 Liv BoereeUnited Kingdom PokerStars $2,281,097 Sandra NaujoksGermany PokerStars $1,789,239 Victoria CorenUnited Kingdom PokerStars $1,710,813 what do you think about womens in poker are cute are inteligents and are winners what do you think about the womens in poker??
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Posted on Oct 3rd 2013  -  Subject: gambler-girls
I know a good player poker ( woman ) from my country ...won no more than 200k$ in all her carreer and was a big tourney in my town...and i was there just like a railbird and i ask for an autograf and talk a little with her and said like " when i am sitting all the boys are thinking that i am a fish-girl and laughing about i am there...i also make some small mistakes to improve a bad image and after all i analizing everything and start playing super agressive tight". in weekend is a tamer-dog and also win $$$ from that. Cute life for a 26 years old girl!
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Posted on Nov 24th 2013
Vanessa is a dude
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