Day 3 of WSOPC Hammond $10k Championship begins

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Posted on Oct 27th 2010  -  Subject: Day 3 of WSOPC Hammond $10k Championship begins

The money bubble burst late Tuesday night at the WSOPC Hammond $10k Championship.  The action quit with 24 players remaining in the field, all in the money.  John Patgorski was the overnight chip leader with 729,00.  He is a contributor on Root Bone radio on PokerStatic.

Wednesday they will play down to the TV final table. Currently in Day 3, they are down to 16 players from the 226 original entrants. The average chip stack is 425k with Curt Kohlberg leading with 851k. Players to go out early in Day 3 include Kevin Dooley, Shawn Busse, Adam Levy, Justin Smith and Kevin Stammen.

Top 10 remaining

1 Curt Kohlberg 851,000
2 Shannon Shorr 728,000
3 Dan Perper 697,000
4 David Paredes 617,000
5 John Patgorski 562,000
6 Dave Sands 560,000
7 Steve Zolotow 412,000
8 James Anderson 393,000
9 Bernard Lee 350,000
10 David 'Bakes' Baker


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