David "Viffer" Peat - Good for TV Poker

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Posted on Nov 2nd 2010  -  Subject: David "Viffer" Peat - Good for TV Poker

No offense to David "Viffer" Peat, but he is one of the least photogenic poker players I've seen.  He's not particularly handsome, youthful, makes strange faces and comes off as a bit of an oddball. And yet, he is great for TV poker.  The reason being he understands what TV poker is about; action and entertainment.

Every TV poker show that I have seen David on, he has been pushing the action.  He is raising lots of pots, playing all kinds of hands, involved, and engaged. He'll die his hair, or put a sign on his chest (e.g. Phil's Bitch on the Big Game final episode).  He doesn't mind looking foolish or goofy. He accepts that he can win or lose on these shows, but he is invited back because he's exciting to watch.

On the recently concluded airing of the Big Game sponsored by Party Poker, he was the only player to play all 48 hours. He'll go through stretches where he'll play or raise every hand. He relies on his post game read to carve out a win. He doesn't seem to mind losing large chunks either.  He accepts it's part of the game.

He is also known for sharing his strong and often goofy opinion in forums like Twoplustwo.  Despite that, David is a welcome addition to shows like Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker and other cash game focused shows because he gives and gets action.  He likes the action and the TV poker shows need players like him who are willing to gamble it up, rather than nit it up to secure a win.

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