Cake Poker introduces The Exchange for Gold Cards

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Posted on Nov 5th 2010  -  Subject: Cake Poker introduces The Exchange for Gold Cards

Winning randomly distrubuted Gold Cards has been a central perk and promotion since Cake Poker opened four years ago. The Gold Card system distributes collectible rewards to players who are seated at all real money ring games on the USA-friendly online poker site.

Now Cake Poker has opened The Exchange, where players can buy and sell these Gold Cards, making it easier to complete a set, or gaining access to certain high-value tournaments or rewards.

The cards are awarded faster at higher stakes games because they rake at a faster pace and although the type of Gold Card awarded is random the odds of receiving each one vary based on its value.

“I am more excited about The Exchange than any promotion or feature I’ve seen in seven years in the online poker business,” said Cake Poker Card Room Manager Lee Jones. “We are giving our players a virtually open market in which to buy and sell Gold Cards. I expect to see that market quickly find fair prices for all of the Gold Cards and we’ve already seen arbitrageurs trading to profit from card price fluctuations.”

The Exchange lets players who are not interested in playing tournaments put them up for sale and turn them into cash. In fact, there have been more than 66,000 Gold Cards sold on The Exchange in the first week alone. For an example of the type of buying and selling that can happen on The Exchange: A buyer purchased five cards for just $0.40 each and was able to sell them for almost $12 apiece to players seeking entry to a Gold Card tournament. That’s a profit over 2,000%. Another player has added $752 to his bankroll with the sale of his Gold Cards.

The Exchange is a new opportunity for traders, sellers and buyers to get more value out of the Gold Card promotion system on Cake Poker.

Source: Cake and PND

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