"Robl had it coming" says Loose Cannon

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Posted on Oct 29th 2010  -  Subject: "Robl had it coming" says Loose Cannon

For anyone who has been following the spat that occurred as a result of the Big Game interaction between Andrew Robl, Tony G and Daniel Negreanu, the latest chapter is that the Loose Cannon, Elizabeth Houston, has finally weighed in. Originally Robl took offense in his blog regarding unfair treatment by Daniel and Tony G who called a clock on him quickly and generally gave him verbal abuse for not straddling any hands or playing quickly.  He defended himself and called out Tony and Daniel.  They each defended themselves explaining that it was bad for TV, the way he played, but tried to bury the hatchet by apologizing.

Now Houston has come to Tony's defense and writes in Party Poker's Blog that Robl sat down at the table and declared his intentions to bluff Tony and “make him fold like a little girl”.

"Sounds like a throw down to me. Unfortunately for Robl he bit off more than he could chew when he decided to take on the lion that is Tony G. This is an obvious instance of you mess with the lion and you’re going to get bitten. You DON’T mess with the lion, get bitten and then run home crying that the lion was mean to you", Houston writes after telling everybody what a wonderful person Tony G is.

Tony G is a Party Poker pro. Houston also ponders on the fact that television shows are always edited and viewers only get to see hand picked pieces of reality. Besides the word 'reality' is a misnomer: Tony G does what the producers and audience expect of him.

"Players like Tony G are the reason that poker is so popular. If the table was full of Andrew Robl’s do you really think it would be entertaining to watch? Don’t hate on Tony for giving the people what they want because at the end of the day poker is business and Tony G is good for business."

Part of the unfinished story is that Tony G took an immediate liking to Elizabeth and treated her and her sister to a VIP XS clug night on the town after the taping.  It appears as if she is paying him back by having his back in this verbal poker spat.

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