Worst run I have ever had...

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Posted on Jun 6th 2007  -  Subject: Worst run I have ever had...
Starting to think that there's something wrong with Partypoker. Last 3 days, worst run ever. Lost a lot of money when I was well ahead till the river. I'd get close to the nuts on the flop and then would bet, someone would go all-in with nothing and hit runner, runner to make hands to beat me all the time. I'd get AK and some idiot with A2 will call an all-in and hit a 2 on the river. I'd get KK and some idiot would call with K3 and hit a low flush. Starting to think it's rigged and might need to get a re-sponsorship soon.
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Posted on Jun 9th 2007
mhm thats sad , but pretty normal :D
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Posted on Jun 10th 2007
I know, your right, these days are really hard but if you stay patient, your lucky days will come back! We all have these days, I lost in ONE session 4 times against quads, with full house, flushes and so on! And in a unbeleavable session I lost 5 times with KK agains AA, this was really stupid! My way is, to leave these tables as soon as possible and go to another or take a break! Because poker is full with ups and downs, (hmm my english) if you have a lot of pebble (Kieselstein) in your hand an you throw them in the air, after they fallen down, they are NOT all with they same distance between, there are some heap (Haufen)! Now, compare the pebbles with your cards! Sometimes a heap of luck and then a heap of badluck! The Magic is to recognize these heaps and use it for your best!! Hey Buddys I hope you can understand my explanations with my poor english ;))
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Posted on Jun 15th 2007
"My way is, to leave these tables as soon as possible and go to another or take a break!" Leaving the table is not a way of waiting for good cards. My own way is to play as long as I will have a profit during the session. When matters still go bad I finish when I am too tired only.
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Posted on Jun 22nd 2007
well dats pretty bad but i also had a similar run lost on AA the 88 then 77 and then KK wats bad than this
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Posted on Jun 22nd 2007
everybody has had or had had that moments. In my opinion, it's for a period.
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Posted on Jul 8th 2007
yes it makes you want to quit poker at times, i have really bad luck on cd poker for some reason :S
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Posted on Jul 13th 2007
Don't surprise about that I think everyone here has same ex like that.
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Posted on Aug 12th 2007
i really dont know what to say but i hate partypoker but they are the only one from where i recive the 50$ bonus :( that is why i played ...... but i hate them i can bet that they are cheating .. a lot but any way this is online play they cheat so thgat they will be in profit ...... is hart to see live someone with AA be beten with someone with A 2... or with KK and bee beten witn K3 any way this is poker never know...wat i am saying is that is better to play live then online :)
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Posted on Oct 22nd 2007
What is it with this "poker sites are fixed" nonsense?. There is no profit for the sites in fixing games because if the players really felt that this was the case they would stop playing there. In addition the sites software is audited for fairness. These things seem to happen more on line because of the number of hands that get played online compared to in live games. spootbv - you clearly don not play live much if you believe AA does not beat A2 in live games from time to time. It happens all the time, live and online, so get used to it. Thats the luck factor that makes poker so interesting.
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Posted on Nov 14th 2007
I would say, watch YOUTUBE... There you can see similar bad beats LIVE. It happens online, it happens live!!
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Posted on Dec 2nd 2007
theres nothing wrong with any poker sites its just bad luck in my opinion
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Posted on Dec 3rd 2007
all i can say about my current run of bad luck is, i have been in front in every situation i can think of offhand and got spanked by draws and lucky rivers. i have made the right call to stay in each hand. they aren't gonna catch miracles everytime, just seems like it for 3 days now. three very, very long days.
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Posted on Dec 7th 2007
We all get times like that mate. Sometimes it feels like your always in the brown stuff,but it 's only the depth that varies.
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Posted on Dec 13th 2007
Happens every where, live or online. The cheap jackpot sitngo's are full of bad beats and bad play. Online it seems to happen more for a number of reasons, playing multi tables, number of hands per hour, and on some level people will play bad hands or draws, because there is no face to face embarrassment. On some level you get what you pay for and also different sites are better for different games, some will be good for tournament play and players others good for cash games, and some you will do better at single table tournies ( sitngo's). That being said you will still run into variance that will beat your good hands, but it is that same variance that turns your mediocre hand into monsters that someone else will bet into.
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