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Posted on Nov 23rd 2007  -  Subject: points
i really have to quit playing .02/.04 then because i am not getting hardly any points at all
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Posted on Mar 17th 2008
I'm playing 0.25/0.50 and it's not that fast. Think I have to change to 0.50/1.00 soon
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Posted on Jul 23rd 2008
Party poker has the slowest points accumulation I have ever seen.  I think its because you can cash the points in for money. Still a good site though I enjoy playing there.
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Posted on Sep 11th 2008
party points suck ive been a queen level 2 since they started the new system but in august i eaned over 3000 points and mo9ved up to king then this month the introduce 3 freerolls for jacks and queens . i have the worst luck. now im only gonna play the proggresive slots there fun.
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Posted on Sep 13th 2008  -  Subject: Procedure question
I am new to PokerInside, but I am already registered as regular player at PartyPoker. Now I would like to know, does Pokerinside recognizes me automatically as a partypoker member and I get automatically Nibs from Pokerinside for registering to PartyPoker and collecting PP points there, or should I make some action on my own like contacting support team from Pokerinside or something like that? Thanks for the answers
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Posted on Sep 15th 2008

If you already had an account at PartyPoker before unfortunately we won't be able to verify your account. Therefore I suggest you to have a look at BetMost Poker by downloading it via PokerInside you will be eligible for all the benefits and our freerolls are played there also. If you need more details please email us at support @


Displaying #16-21 of 21 total posts First Previous  1 2