2011 is all about popping

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Posted on Jun 27th 2017  -  Subject: 2011 is all about popping
9. When I’m getting dressed in the morning I always think…about what my day is going to be like. Meetings, gym day or not, after work plans or rushing home to the kids. I live http://www.goldengoosesneakers.it/ in Brooklyn and work in Soho so my morning outfit is also my evening outfit! I firmly believe in day to night everything. Why we like it: Most recognized as Zooey Deschanels model best friend Cece on the hit show New Girl, former television presenter Hannah Simone has impressed us again and again with her smooth, flawless complexion and quirky makeup tastes. This look is perfect for a summer date as theres a bit of drama in the eye but its dressed down by her perfect peachy toned lip. Forget black, Spring 2011 is all about popping colors. Among the hues featured most prominently on the runways were orange, white, and blue (mostly denim). These color options seem particularly shrewd from a designer perspective– how many of us own head-to-toe denim looks or have stockpiles of orange frocks in our walk-ins? Not many, I would venture to guess. That said, just because the hues may be unfamiliar to us, doesn’t mean we can’t make them work.
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Posted on Sep 15th 2017
wow, very interesting post, as for me
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