The $150,000 Extreme Points Race

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Posted on Apr 6th 2010  -  Subject: The $150,000 Extreme Points Race


The $150,000 Extreme Points Race

Five chances to win all April long

Every hand is worth more at DoylesRoom this April. We′re putting $150,000 up for grabs in our $150,000 Extreme Points Race and we′re giving you five extremely big chances to win a piece of it. All you need to do is keep earning Frequent Player Points (FPPs) throughout the month of April by playing online poker.

Four $25,000 Weekly Races

We've taken a $100,000 pie, chopped it up into four pieces and spread it out over four weeks. Every week in April is a chance for the top 200 finishers to rake in the cash with individual $25,000 weekly races. We′re multiplying your points each week to help you shoot your way up to the top of the additional $50,000 monthly race.


One BIG $50,000 Monthly Race

When we decided to call this the Extreme Points Race we weren′t exaggerating. We’re setting aside an additional $50,000 for the top 300 points earners in April and we′re multiplying your points each week to help you shoot your way up to the top of the monthly race faster.

For each week you earned points in, we′ll multiply your points by the week number. So, for the monthly race, points earned in week 2 will be multiplied by 2, points earned in week 3 will be multiplied by 3, and points earned in week 4 will be multiplied by 4.


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Posted on Apr 10th 2010
нял за 25к могут бороться многие, а там уже только 300 лучших, кто больше всего попадал в призы и все такое?
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