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Posted on Jul 14th 2010  -  Subject: cheats . Cheat RNG 100%
Good afternoon. The request to check up on honesty poker a room pokerstars taking place to the address I think 100 % the given room roguish. Put in that well the person to a number of 7 months cannot lose on end. Constantly at them or cards at all do not play. Or them RNG (the generator of random numbers) substitutes me. My login on given poker room dzheker. I wrote to them repeatedly. But they assert that all fairly at them. If that what that time would be fair agree and I too should win and me to come normal cards. And here constant full breakdown on my account occurs. And it is probable not only at me. You for example try to play there. At you two will be variant or to you will give an advantageous account or constantly loss as to me. You understand honesty of this generator (RNG). As I shall assert that the prize depends on that what they cards distribute. Instead of from that as I play. They basically distribute to me one garbage cards. Percent of a prize from 30 distributions about 3. That is 10 percent of a prize. Further they the generator with the help of other players win due to the best distributions by him. Understand that cheat 100 %. Arrange for restoration normal games on my account dzheker. And distribution of normal cards. I hope for your conscience. Give an account for examination. To me all the same. But so you have told that I is false accuse you So why you actually refuse to check up it and is going have decided to not answer all my letters???? In fact it is perfectly visible that you RNG distributes that on river, that to me on a hand. Such idiotic distributions be simple cannot on an extent of 7 months. And you besides refuse to check up it and further distribute not game both combinations, and idiotic crossings, having strong cards on hands.I shall write on all forums while or you do not replace to me an account on normal, or will not adjust RNG in the normal party on my account. And that has simply got already. Or carry out examination as sane people. Not a parameter at distributions 2-3,9-2,7-2,2-10 .Что with such cards who that will play it and that they will be advantageous. At you there cheat RNG POKERSTARSThank      
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Posted on Jul 17th 2010
I think I would understand what you wanted to say more, if you wrote it in russian.
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Posted on Nov 20th 2010
hmmmm intresing
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