ok lets try a new poll..............

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Question: best site for nl old em ring

1. full tilt
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2. cd
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3. bodog
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4. poker.com
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5. other ( if so please specify & why).
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Posted on Jul 19th 2007  -  Subject: ok lets try a new poll..............
I have become disenchanted with CD,( although it use to be my fav). So what other sites from PI do u like and why?
If life is like a box of chocolates............I want all the ones with the NUTZ !!!!! D.L.K.
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Posted on Jul 20th 2007

I would go with Full Tilt Poker ... alots of traffic and pretty sure you can make some money playing a tight solid game there.

PS; By saying other poker rooms please note that you can only post rooms that PokerInside deal with, Thank you.

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Posted on Jul 22nd 2007
I can't tell the name but its name is a poker play and its a skin of PokerRoom and had fairly soft competition plus enough traffic to keep it interesting.
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