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Posted on Jun 20th 2007  -  Subject: collussion
i find it strange that people from different countries keep talking in foreign tongues on the poker sites. It seem to me that it would be easy for these players to collude with each other and effectively cheat. How are the poker sites suppose to decifer what they are saying. Or does every site have poker monitors that can speak every language. * Edited please don't ask people to join something illegale*
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Posted on Jun 20th 2007

Poker rooms are multi-millionaires businesses so don't worry they have the staff to monitors everything. If you really think there's collusion , strange play that seems like ''chips dumping'' contact the poker rooms support right away. I've contacted support at many different poker rooms to tell them about suspicious play and sometimes they have refund me my buy-in and gave me a token in compensation. Rest assured they won't tolerate collusion and please I know you were joking but don't invite people to join you to start cheating. Thank you ;)

Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts