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Posted on May 27th 2007  -  Subject: *Edited*
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Posted on May 27th 2007

This section of the forum is for talk only about Poker Sites that we promote. Which means you can openly discuss CDPoker, Party Poker , QPoker , Poker.com and others that are listed under Poker Rooms tabs. We'll be adding more poker room in the VERY near future that you will also be able to talk about in this section of the forum. However, please follow the forum rules and guidelines and only mention names of Poker Rooms that are dealt with on PokerInside.

If any other poker room is discussed, the name will be edited or the post will be deleted. Also if that individual continues, they will be banned from the forum. Thus, please make sure to follow our forum rules. Thanks!

Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts