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Posted on Nov 30th 2006  -  Subject: New Rooms at PI
Most members of PI already play in diferente sites, if new rooms become part of PI most of us wont get the benefits from this rooms... unless they are new sites... so is there going to be any consideration for players who already have accounts on those rooms? Shouldnt there be a way we still get the benefits even if we have accounts there?
Guillermo Girau (Giraug)
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Posted on Dec 1st 2006
The problem is that you cant change your referer in afterwords. And its ONLY the referer who gets some $ when you play there. So if PI isn't your referer they wont earn anything on you playing there, and wont hand out anything to you. By referer i mean under their affiliate program, whing we all are when we dl some pokersoft from here.
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Posted on Dec 2nd 2006
I understand that if you have already downloaded the site and not from the PI site you cant get any benefits. Yes that has to suck. I have gotten great benefits from other sites before and have downloaded may sites on my computer. Hopefully they come up with new sites that I dont already have and other the benefits that others might not.
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Posted on Dec 5th 2006  -  Subject: Jonezin
I have the same problem. Alot of the sites I already play at . Pi responded to my position of not being able to collect nubs from those it really was quite rude. Check it out on the forum dated Dec 4th. Hope to see you at the tables!
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Posted on Dec 20th 2006
thay should introduce a room that is just entering the market - no problem there - noone has an account there.
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Posted on Dec 20th 2006

QPoker is pretty new.

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Posted on Dec 21st 2006 is new too
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