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Posted on Nov 3rd 2010  -  Subject: A few questions...
A couple of questions regarding bonus's on Betmost. Does anybody know how the weekly cash prize for Shark VIP(Betmost level not PI) is worked out? I have sent an email to Betmost, but not really expecting a response from them!! Also is the PI monthly race chase money paid out at the same time as the weekly payback or is it separate? No payback for last week yet either, is there a problem?
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Posted on Nov 5th 2010

I will try to answer all your questions..

You can not get both BetMost Weekly Sponsorships and PokerInside Poker Payback its one or the other and if you joined its obviously the Poker Payback which is good we take care of our players and make sure they are happy with their benefits plus you have access to our Weekly Tournaments which is an added benefits!

Yes rake chase is paid at the end of the month usually with the paybacks.

Payback from last week have been paid, if there is any problem don't hesitate to contact us!

Good luck at the tables and let us know if there is anything :)

Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts