3x Full Tilt Points!

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Posted on Sep 29th 2009  -  Subject: 3x Full Tilt Points!


3x Full Tilt Points

Earn 3x Full Tilt Points playing in Triple Points Happy Hour ring games and tournaments.

Check the Full Tilt Poker lobby regularly to make sure you don't miss out.

Download Full Tilt Poker

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Posted on Sep 30th 2009
Cool i go to try this :p   thnx :P always like special tourney`s    
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Posted on Oct 1st 2009
Thank you for the information
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Posted on Oct 2nd 2009
i have an account at fulltilt poker , it's a huge site, they have som sweet promotions that are worth wile but it doesn;t look that good when you play at a table, it;s verry hard to focus the graphic is like... childish, still there are some frerolls and good tournaments like the 1 dollar buy in at a daily 10k tournament so join in and see if it's worth comparacing with betmost :)
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Posted on Oct 4th 2009
Thanks will try
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Posted on Oct 4th 2009
What good is this? It's been several months since I joined Full Tilt through PokerInside, and it's still pending. I'm about to give up on it :(
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Posted on Oct 4th 2009
Hey,   FullTilt Poker accounts don't verify automatically on PokerInside. However, if you downloaded your FTP account from our site originally you will get the Rakeback paid directly to your FulltTilt Poker account monthly. With the min being $5 in RB at least per month.   If you want to have you FTP account checked to verify its linked to us...simply email our support and we can check it for you.
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Posted on Oct 4th 2009  -  Subject: wawawiwa
cool that sound awesome!
push it donk!
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Posted on Oct 5th 2009
lol thats really sweet.
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Posted on Oct 6th 2009
I believe it in the immediate future I visit this hall. imposing offers
AA not enough (-:
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Posted on Oct 7th 2009
3x Full Tilt Points is good but FTP don't ship to my country so I can only use them for special satellite games.
The real railbirds poker team
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Posted on Oct 9th 2009
thnank you for the info!
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Posted on Oct 14th 2009  -  Subject: thanks
thanks for infor
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Posted on Feb 11th 2010
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Posted on Sep 26th 2010  -  Subject: FTP
Great! Does anyone know the ratio Nibs-Rake on full tilt?
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