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Posted on Dec 5th 2007  -  Subject: Vista Premium
I have bought a Vista Home Premium from my poker winnings but i have an enormous lack of knowledge. So may be it was pretty stupid to spend 4500 euro on EVERYTHING new, but may be i get some more knowledge in the future. (I sure hope so). I though that all the comfort was wearth it. I think that it has some child desease at the moment though. Example- since i got this computer i am unable to change my password and log in at PI. (strange enough only at PI) so i think something is not quite right in my system. And i have trouble to program my poker software (calculators) and install it right. So have i done one step forward or backworth. lol. I also get many blanco pages instead of normal pages, but i am experiementing with all internet security programs after my first 90 days for free were expiered because i wanted to have a good one. That may be one of the reasons as i have after Norton, now Kaspersky and i hate it as it askes me all the time what it must do and i don't know such things. I regret i gave up Norton but i want to try MCAffee before i turn back. But if anyone has the smallest advise... please HELP!! LOL
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Posted on Dec 11th 2007
XP goes pro.
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Posted on Jan 17th 2008
I tried it but it sucks! i still like the XP professional!
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Posted on Jan 21st 2008
I prefer XP pro
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Posted on May 29th 2010
 XP  is just fine for me .. ! .. never tried vista
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Posted on May 30th 2010
xp for ever
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Posted on Jun 8th 2010
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