what is your favorite anime!

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Posted on Aug 23rd 2008  -  Subject: what is your favorite anime!
hi all i'm a great fan about anime series .... and merchandise my favourite series are naruto - one piece - code geass but the real monster of anime is " death note " if you like anime figure i've got a huge collection!!  
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Posted on Aug 28th 2008
my fav is muumilaakson tarinoita
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Posted on Aug 31st 2008
ninja scroll or ghost in the shell
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Posted on Sep 12th 2008
Love Hina - For the perverse humour, giant breasts and constant beatdowns. Cowboy Bebop - Its like an anime "Firefly" (good movie too) Get Backers - Great Japanese humour plus Dr. Jackal.  
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Posted on Oct 2nd 2008
"One Piece" is rated 5 stars.I love it
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