sarah palin

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Posted on Sep 4th 2008  -  Subject: sarah palin
ok i wouldnt normally watch political party speeches especially when its from another country but at 3.30am(BST) i was about to switch off the tv and go to bed,and thought id catch the news before i went,but the BEEB was showing the republican rally at which point she appeared and when she started talking i couldnt turn the tv off.although i dont think she will become the VP of the USA (McCain isnt the right man for the job IMO) i do think she will be the first woman president,for 38 minutes or so i was listening intently to every word she said,if i were american i would use my vote to send this woman to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!!!
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Posted on Sep 10th 2008
i don't care for politics
I talk so much everyone stopped listening a long time ago
Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts