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Posted on Aug 2nd 2006  -  Subject: Life in general
Most of you probably work for a living and play poker for fun. I am 60 and retired in May, not to have fun, but to care for my wife who has cancer. My point is, whatever your doing, whatever your playing (like poker), enjoy it to the fullest, life is too short. And if you see me at a table, let me win for a change LOL
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Posted on Aug 3rd 2006
Sorry to hear, I play to keep from getting a summer job, before it is back to earning 2nd degree at midlife. Been through wife dying from liver disease, they gave her 3 years 13 ago and still going better than ever. Hope things turn out well for you too.
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Posted on Jun 4th 2010
 A very good advice .. life's too short !!!
Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts