Guitar Hero best achievment

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Posted on Dec 7th 2008  -  Subject: Guitar Hero best achievment
Just thought i'd start this for something different. Maybe to give some people some tips on how to clock Guitar hero on expert or even to brag about getting 5 stars on a song on Expert. Myself I've done everysong on expert but still can't get past cowboys from hell.
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Posted on Dec 8th 2008

That's impressive! I didn't play alot but saw some of my friend nailing songs at expert and its just crazy Tongue out

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Posted on Jan 25th 2009
Im still workin on getting 5 stars in all songs on hard playing guitar hero II. My record is a bit more than 350k, but Im working on it and trying some expert things as well now.. what kind of tips would you mean?
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Posted on Mar 7th 2009
ive 5 starred every song on expert on GH3, GH:A,GH80's, and GH2. anyone need any help at all, im here :)
Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts