FSK Transmitter Modules factory

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Posted on Nov 14th 2017  -  Subject: FSK Transmitter Modules factory
WT-RY-03 ASK/FSK Transmitting Module General Description: The WT-RY-03 is ASK/FSK Transmitting Module has these advantages of small size, low operating voltage range(down to 1.8V),high transmitting power ,low power consumption, and stable operating function, which adopting the MD technique, the advanced crystal based(PLL) on frequency stabilization techniques. It is a easy design for using between ASK and FSK modulation which mode is selected by a resistor on the PCB board.. Key Features: Frequency:315MHZ/433.92MHZ,(others are available); High output power: ± 10dBm; Low operation voltage: Vcc=1.8 to 3.6V; Low power consumption: Tcc=6.3mA(FM mode, Vcc=5.0V@433.92MHZ) Low standby current:
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts