favourite dinosaur

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Posted on Aug 3rd 2008  -  Subject: favourite dinosaur
lots of favourite topics on here so i want to know what your fav dinosaur is . mines the velociraptor cunning little blighters like myself on the poker tables lol.
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Posted on Aug 5th 2008
pteradactyl or the baddest mofo of them all the T Rex baby!
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Posted on Apr 22nd 2011  -  Subject: DINOZAURSSS
Moj ulubiony to shreck ! hehe ;D
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Posted on May 28th 2011
my favorite dinosaur is the straightossaurus rex loool godd luck at the tables
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Posted on Sep 19th 2011
velociraptor and t-rex
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Posted on Sep 21st 2011
velociraptor and t-rexYeah those two are pretty bad ass, but I like the triceratops and stegasaurus.
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Posted on Oct 18th 2011
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Posted on Oct 25th 2011
my favorite dinosaur is T-Rex
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