Do you play video games?

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Posted on Dec 30th 2009
who doesn't play video games? :)), it's so fun, games like devil may cry, or god of war, hack and slash baby , hack and slash!
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Posted on Apr 22nd 2010
Juego poco, me gusta mas el poker jajaja Diego.-
Me gusta el poker mas que el asado y el fernet
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Posted on Apr 23rd 2010
 Counter-strike ( probably the best in world of his kind ) ... Diablo .. and few more !
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Posted on Apr 23rd 2010
Diablo 2
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Posted on Apr 23rd 2010
I stopped playing video games (console games) when they added more buttons than I have fingers to the control pad. But I watch my son play Modern Warfare & some of the car games (GTA). Great graphics! My buddy grab a "Frag"instein controller for his PS3 & says it makes it easier to play.  I'll still play one of the C&C games or AoE2 on the computer...but not online...them kids are just too good (& they use mods), it's just too much for me!
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Posted on Apr 27th 2010

I basically don't play much anymore too, I remember playing a lot of Diablo and Starcraft etc back in the ole'days! Still playing some consoles games every now and then with friends but not as often.

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Posted on May 5th 2010
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Posted on Jul 16th 2013
when i have free time i do... PES most of the time
c-asa e-n tenis !!!
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