Customized Induction Motor

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1. Three phrase AC induction motor Three-phase AC induction motor is a kind of electric drive that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. It is mainly composed of the stator, the rotor and the air gap between them. After the stator windings lead to the three-phase AC power, a rotating magnetic field is generated and the rotor is cut to obtain the torque. Three-phase AC asynchronous motor has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, low price, strong overload capacity and advantages of using, installing and maintaining, and is widely used in various fields. 2. Features of three phrase AC induction motor Three-phase asynchronous motor has a great feature, that is, within a certain range, can automatically adjust the relationship between load torque (torque) and speed within the maximum torque of the motor, the torque decreases with the speed increases, Motor load increases, the speed will inevitably decline, but the rotating magnetic field cutting conductor speed increases, the rotor conductor in the induction of a larger current, increasing the electromagnetic force on the rotor to promote the motor to produce greater torque. 3. Technical parameter of three phrase AC induction motor S3 (starting 6 per hour) - 40% SizeRated Power(KW)Stator Current(A)Rotor Current(A)TorqueNo-load Current(A)Speed(r/min)Eff.(%)Power Factor(cos) (6 Poles) Synchronous Speed 1000 r/min. YZR112M1.54.612.52.33.3786662.90.79 YZR132M12. YZR132M23. YZR160M15.51525.72.67.9593075.70.74 YZR160M27.51826.52.811.294079.40.8 YZR160L1124.927.62.513945820.82 YZR180L1533.846.53.218.8962830.81 YZR200L2249.569.92.8826.6964860.803 YZR225M306274.43.129.996288.30.83 YZR250M13770.591.53.126.596089.20.9 YZR250M24584.5953.128.296590.60.89 YZR280S55101.5119.8334969890.9 YZR280M75138122.63.15096991 4.Three phrase AC induction motor show 5. Three phrase AC induction motor details conditions Y2 series motors air suitable for almost all applications and operate satisfactorily at temperatures from -20? to +40? and altitudes up to 1000 meters above sea level Temperature and Insulation The Maters' insulation system are designed by Class F(155?), operated with Class B(80K). Which incerase the motor useful life and reliability. Cooling and ventilation The standard cooling method is totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) it accordance with IC411 of IEC60034-6. Standard motors are equipped with radialflow plastic fans. Protection class The standard degrees of protection is IP55. The IP55 enclosure means complete hoseproof and dustproof protection .A higher degrees of protection is available Motor protection Motors can be installed with PTC, PT100, such as winding and bearing temperature measurement as well as other kinds of protection on request. Voltage and frequency Standard voltage and frequency are 380V 50HZ, and can be wound for any single voltage it the range 200-660V at a frequency 50. The motors will operate satisfactorily with variations of ±5% from the rated voltage. Vibration YE2 motors are designed to vibration class A, vibration class B is available on request. Terminal box location Terminal box at the top or right of frame is the standard YE2 motor. Quality assurance Stringent quality procedures are observed from first design to finished products in accordance with ISO9001 documented quality system. Motor working system This series of motors working system for S1 continuous duty. 6. Three phrase AC induction motor images 7.Three phrase AC induction motor imagesCustomized Induction Motor website:
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