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Posted on Aug 15th 2006  -  Subject: CURE ALL CURE
How's Evy 1, Has anyone heard of the cureall potion that alot of PHYSICIANS dont want us to know about? Its true...I dont know of anything that this stuff wont cure, all the way to disease on trees, to internal or external problems with humans..Cuts,scrapes, mouth wash, and probably scalp problems and may be ingested/swallowed for posiably alot of different cures.. I am not a DOC. and this KITE is only based on my opinion,on my own personal use, and there are writings on the subject and also U may want to question other sources, but it sure seems to help alot of my ailments.. It is called," COIOTAL SILVER", and can be purchased in most pharmacies or if ur a real CHEMIST U could make it yourself with pure silver and electrode device and purified water.. Not illegal to make at home and to purchase from a PHARM.. it is VERY expensive for a small amount.. Just wanted to post this GOOD INFORMATION for anyone thats in-need of alternative treatment to atleast check into this. EVRY 1 HAVE A GREAT DAY PIECE UP
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Posted on Aug 15th 2006
Im taking a Health Science program and i find that these potion sounds awesome. Id like to look into more.
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Posted on Aug 15th 2006
A real chemist (as opposed to those phoney ones in the television scams) with pure silver on hand and an "electrode device" in your home. I wasn't aware mouthwash was an ailment...
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Posted on Jun 4th 2010
lol .. strange !!!
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