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Water based Epoxy Ester Resin WQ-WL175 Features: ? Acrylic modified;aging resistance>300h; ? Excellent shear stability,able to be grinded with dispersions directly; ? Fast surface dry,quick hardness increase,and excellent anti-rust property; ? Drying way:air dry oxidative cross-linking type;water based drier is needed for making paint; ? Product form:solid content:75%; ? High solid content,low viscosity,good anti-sagging property,single spraying film thickness of above 50 micron ? Suitable for air-drying or low temperature baking type metal anti-rust paint Technical Index Composition:Water based epoxy resin,cosolvent,neutralizing agent Viscosity(mPa.s):150┬▒50(at diluting ratio of 1:1,rotational viscometer) Non-volatile Matters(%)75┬▒1 Appearance:brown viscous liquid Properties: Excellent anti-corrosivity,designed for the preparation of anti-rust base coating;it can be made into air drying and low temperature baking type antirust paint;the paint film has excellent drying property and anti-corrosivity. The product can be stored stably under weak alkaline condition,but settles down under the acidic conditions,especially when acidic pigment is added.Thus,the stable emulsion and lacquering shall be stored under weak alkaline condition.PH value can always be adjusted by triethylamine or ammonia water,and the emulsion viscosity will increase as the PH value increases. WQ-WL175 can be diluted with deionized water.When it is diluted,acidic or impure water will instabilize the system.After its pH is adjusted,the emulsion has good storage stability,can be diluted with lower alcohol or alcohol ether,or clean water after passing the test. Instructions: WQ-WL175 can be diluted with water to milky white emulsion,which can be dried by oxidative cross-linking by adding solvent or water based drier at normal temperature or baking at low temperature.Before use,the solvent based drier need to be diluted by the solvent,such as butyl alcohol or ethanol.The consumption of associated drier of this company is about 8%of the resin consumption.The paint film dries very fast.The surface drying time is about 20 min,and the hard drying time is about 4 h.After 24 h,the paint film has good strength.This product has excellent shear stability,and can be grinded with dispersions directly. Storage: The product should be stored in cool,dry,ventilated place.The quality guarantee period is 6 months,and the expired products can still be used after passing the inspection. Basic properties: No.ItemIndexStandard 1AppearanceSmooth,glossyGB/T9761-88 2ColorGrey,matt 3Surface drying time(h)?0.5GB/T1728-79/89 4Hard drying time(h)?4GB/T1728-79/89 5Adhesion(Cross-cut tape test),grade?1GB/T1720-79 6Impact?50GB/T1732-1993 7Hardness(double pendulum)?0.6GBT1730-93 8Flexibility(mm)1GB/T1731-1993 9gasoline resistance(120#)?24hGB/T1734-93 10Acid resistance(0.05mol/l H2SO4)?24h 11Alkaline resistance(0.1mol/l,NaOH)?4h 12Water resistance(at 25?,h)?240GB/T1733-193 13Resistance to heat and humidity(at 48?,96%,h)>240(50-60u)GB/T1740-79 14Salt fog resistance(white board,h)?240(50-60u)GB/T1771-1991 15Salt fog resistance(white board,h)?1000(80-100)GB/T1771-1991 Other Product: product namenon- volatilePHviscosity (mPa.s)specific gravitypropertiesapplication WQ-WL17576┬▒2/100-200*1.02┬▒0.01excellent salt fog-spray resistance,in the early dry good resistance to waterair-drying or low temperature baking antirust coatings WQ-EE64040┬▒28-10100-5001.02┬▒0.01low odor,excellent salt fog-spray resistance,in the early dry good resistance to water,easy operationair-drying or low temperature baking antirust coatings WQ-EA67072┬▒2/120-220*1.02┬▒0.01dry quickly,high hardness,good weather resistanceair-drying or low temperature baking antirust coatings and top coatings WQ-EA63232┬▒28-101000-20001.02┬▒0.01low odor,dry quickly,high hardness,high gloss,good weather resistanceair-drying or low temperature baking antirust coatings and top coatings WQ-AK36062┬▒2/30-1201.00┬▒0.01dry quickly,high hardness,suitable for high temperature and high humidity environmentair-drying or low temperature baking primer and one coat paint Packing Details: Certificate&Honor: FAQ? 1. Are you manufacture factory or trading company? A: We are manufacture factory. We also have our own trading company for exporting. And you are welcomed to visit us for inspection. Our workshop and the quality control flow will show you our professional. 2. Can you supply samples for test? A: Yes, we can supply samples for free, and you just need to pay for the shipping cost. 3. What is your MOQ? A: Our MOQ is 1000 kg. and we accept mixed order. 4.Can you supply OEM service? A: Yes, we can. 5. What is your payment? A:30% deposit, 70% T/T after shipping or L/C at sightcheap epoxy flooring website:
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