ATTN CANADIANS!!!! Stop the coup d'etat

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Posted on Dec 2nd 2008  -  Subject: ATTN CANADIANS!!!! Stop the coup d'etat
Where are we living now, a 3rd world country!!!$300 million + for an election 2 months ago and they think they can do this? How much are the Block getting to support this???What did we get the last time the Liberals & NDP joined forces? I bet most of you don't remember, wage & price controls, inflation & we've got Boob Rae in waiting to take over the Liberal party, wtf??? Remember  Floyd & him and spending us rich during the recession of the early 90's, then when it didn't work... Rae Dayz? & that $10 billion they wasted, we're still paying for that too. Almost 20 years later...30 billion (10 bil wasn't enough for Ontario back then, how is 30 going to any better now?) is what they need to get us out of the mess they got us into in the first place!!!! WE HAVE TO STOP THIS!!!!! SIGN THIS PETITION, THIS IS NOT A LEFTWING-RIGHTWING THING, this is our money, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!!
Remember, Mother always knows best!!!!! (lol or at least that's what she always told me;) !)
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Posted on Dec 3rd 2008  -  Subject: Coalition Government - OMG!
This cannot happen, we will all be in a recession before we know it if this comes about.  MSQUATCH talks about the Bob Rae NDP's in Ontario.  We also had 8 years of an NDP government in BC in the early 90's which was a disaster.  We were so far in the hole after they were defeated and they only won 2 seats in the legislature when they were.  The fact that most Canadians don't even bother to vote in elections and then complain about the current government's policies is unbelievable.  Let's get on board with the Petition and keep this country moving forward!
Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts