Super Bad Beats

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Posted on Jan 13th 2008  -  Subject: Super Bad Beats
Discribe here how it was and post names to warn other player's
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Posted on Jan 13th 2008  -  Subject: superbadbeat
Here it goes , u put some money one the table and wait for the cards to come to you.This is one of the badest things that can happen in poker ,imagine you got AA playng last position , only two calls,one from  middle position and another from the cut off ,playng 0.25$/0.50$ what you do ,raise or check rigth ?What i did ? Raise 4 times the blind ,the small blind folds and get a instant call from the big blind and two lovely other folds. The flop comes out it shows a rainbow of A Q and 2 ,yeee !!! thats rigth i was real happy ,and made a really solid check . My surprise when i see big blind bet 3$ in a 3.75$ pot ,i no i should only had made a call , but instead i reraise him to double  6$ which i calls instantly to make a wonderfull pot of 15.75$ . After this spectacular move another 2 comes out in the turn ,and i start rubbing my hands almost laughing and thinking on beting , but no ,instead i did another solid check just to see what happen's !!!.I got stunned when i saw the piece of crap go allin whith the rest of the stack 12 $,it was beautiful i think at the time to see the guy holding a 9 2 off when i called ,but my worst nigthmare come thrut when i saw the board showing another 2 . What to do rigth , turn off the computer and go to bed .I'am sorry i didnt get the name of the guy ,i was really angry ,how is it possible that someone takes a piece of crap hand into the river to create a monster .For that be carefull whith this wonderfull moves of fantastic poker players like this ass hole.
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Posted on Jan 26th 2008
yea.. he played really dumm but got lucky ;[
There is no luck in poker, only skill and internet connection!
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Posted on Feb 13th 2008
unlucky :\
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Posted on Feb 14th 2008
esse gajo teve azar pa karalho
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Posted on Mar 26th 2008
he played really fast but got lucky ;[There is luck in poker, skill and internet connection!(Y)
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Posted on Jun 1st 2008
i dont think its a bad beat until you have lost a substantial amount of money, harden up.
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Posted on Jul 3rd 2008
i know the feeling M8  plenty of them around so i never slow play aa anymore   always loose big with aa coz a donkey gets lucky
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Posted on Jul 4th 2008
My unlucky hand: cash table $50/$100 one year ago I Had 44  Other Player KK flop: 44K     POKER VS. FULL HOUSE turn: 7 River: K DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   GL AT THE TABLE Roberto
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Posted on Jul 26th 2008
Discribe here how it was and post names to warn other player's hi i am new here
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Posted on Jul 27th 2008
I've been rivered by trip 9's twice within the space of 3 hands (I was holding J,J and 10,10 in both hands) Not a happy bunny
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Posted on Aug 6th 2008
Unlucky or bad play lol   oh well  **** happens   lol  
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Posted on Aug 26th 2008
Another bad day at the office. Thats poker 4 u. Its like marmite, u either luv it or hate it!!!
M A Brittan
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Posted on Sep 11th 2008
That was pretty bad.  Happens though, he got lucky and you didn't, like it or not, its part of poker.  
ciao for now
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Posted on Sep 18th 2008
It's ok when people are playing all the way with pairs like 99 or 88 hoping that you haven't hit your overcards on the flop full of rags or rags with one high card, but I don't understand people who plays really shit when few days ago I catch pocket Qs (QQ). I bet hard from the button and this big blind opponent called, everybody else folded. Flop: 2Q8. He bets big...I raise, he calls... Turn: 5...he checks, I bet big, he raises, I reraise, he call. River:4 he checks, I bet big, he raises, I reraise, he call with allin and shows 63. WHo in the world would play such a hand that way like he did? That moment I wanted to hire an Interpol to track him down and make him suffer...but now I am cool. :-)
'If you can't spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, then you are the sucker'
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