Have you hit a Royal Flush live?

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Posted on Feb 18th 2010  -  Subject: yes i did it 3 times
4 days ago i was hit my 3rd royal flush in live game :)
Life is good poker is great :)
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Posted on Feb 19th 2010  -  Subject: re
3 - online life - never played
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Posted on Mar 11th 2010
ya ive had royal flush live 2 times and online 2 times when i had it live i fliped over my cards and everyone was going crazy lol!!!
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Posted on Apr 11th 2010
just one on live but if u play omaha u can see more royal flush ;)
yeah baby yeah
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Posted on May 12th 2010
Hello nekem 1 x volt élÅ‘ben RF 1x meg leosztottam másnak online is volt de az 7card ban:)
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Posted on May 16th 2010
nekem nem volt
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Posted on Jun 19th 2010
It was a very interesting story in live, where I usually played, was a jackpot for Royal Flush (needed 2 of royal cards in hand at CG tables only) So I arrived at the middle of the night and I buy-in myself, but there was another guy who arrived same time as me. There was just 2 seats avaiable, I picked the seat number 3 (my lucky number is 3, other free seat was number 4). But the guy who arrived asked me can we change seats because he really likes to play at seat number 3. I told him: sorry, no. So after a half hour the guy at the seat 4 hitted the royal flush against one of our best-national-football-star, and he won about 1 800 000 HUF (about $8000). I think all of you can imagine how I felt myself that time :)   Magyarok kedvéért magyarul is: Lurdy, Royal Bonus 1,8M körül, 100-200 CG asztal, ott ül Kabát Peti az újpestbÅ‘l, 2 hely szabadon, én leülök a 3asra, a srác aki egyszerre érkezett velem, leül a 4esre és elkezd kuncsorogni hogy cseréljünk helyet. Mondom neki nem. Erre a dealer fél óra múlva kidobta neki (!) a royalt, kabát peti volt aki pechesen benne maradt a potban olyan 80K-val. Szóval majdnem volt royalom. No comment :)
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Posted on Feb 2nd 2011
online  once...
c-asa e-n tenis !!!
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Posted on Feb 26th 2011  -  Subject: f
Royal Flush vs AAAA (WSOP 2007) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1LfTC-sWPU
I will be rich
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Posted on Feb 28th 2011
Never had one live , just 2 online and a lot of str8 flushes
I read good
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