Have you hit a Royal Flush live?

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Posted on Oct 23rd 2006  -  Subject: Have you hit a Royal Flush live?
I've had five or six online... all in real money MTTs ..... and my buddies were all like.... "ya well online doesnt count" well I hit one right in front of them a few weeks ago LIVE in a ring game..... anyone else have a story about a live Royal flush????
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Posted on Oct 24th 2006
No Live Royals for me Yet, I have only hit one online in a $15 MTT, Last night I Hit my First Live Straight Flush Though. 7-J in Diamonds!
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Posted on Oct 24th 2006
No live RF... but I have 4 online... KJ
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Posted on Oct 27th 2006
been playing all my life im 26 and i've only had 3 ever!! online or off. and if u can belive it the first time i was playing 5 card draw and both me and the other guy go all in he has a royal in dimonds and i had one in clubs. lol how rare is that no wilds by the way??? remmeber play the cards not the player
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Posted on Oct 30th 2006
i just hit RF once online omg :( but i already hit str8 flush lots of times :D
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Posted on Oct 30th 2006
Eman you are a lucky man :p
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Posted on Nov 2nd 2006
I've had FOUR royal flushes online, never had one live, although someone did get one the other day at a Casino tournament... caused a bit of stir I can tell you!!
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Posted on Nov 4th 2006
For me, no royal live and no royal live! :-((((( Only a straight flush live; very, very satisfying. ;-))) GL AT THE TABLE
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Posted on Nov 4th 2006
i would of had one if i would of played my T4os once..flop came JQK all clubs, turn was A-hearts river A-clubs..i folded the T-c. that realy hurt because it turned into a $500+ pot...went home up $300 that day anyways, but what a drag that hand was.
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Posted on Nov 9th 2006  -  Subject: WOW
Man do you people catch some cards. I have been playing poker for a couple of years now, and I have in that time caught a straight flush online 3 times. and a royals flush NEVER!!!!!! I have been close the old A K Q J 9 hearts ertc.... but never quite the full article. was beginning to think I will never see one, but there is still many years to come and hands to see. But knowing my luck it will be the hand where everyone folds to minimum raise and I get a blinds sized pot, LOL.
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Posted on Nov 11th 2006
No royals for me, neither live nor on-line. But I need to share this one: Had just signed in Titan a year ago or so, and trying the user interface. in a low limit table. I had already folded my hand but the table was full of spades: 8, 9, T, K, A. Well, one guy shows 6&7 of spades and the second guy threw QJ of spades on the table!!! Almost ended my poker days there and then (seen everything;))...
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Posted on Nov 11th 2006
I had two in one day. Unbelievable right. One using both hole cards the other using one card. Too bad it was only a $5 buy in tournament. I've also had two so far online.
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Posted on Nov 11th 2006
one more time but no play for money ... fun only :(
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Posted on Nov 21st 2006
i havent ever had 1
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Posted on Nov 25th 2006  -  Subject: hell no
I've never hit one but I had a buddy of mine hit one on me. Used both of his hole cards for it. Lucky jew bastard even hit another in the same night.
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