Got a local game? READ THIS!

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Posted on Jun 5th 2006  -  Subject: Got a local game? READ THIS!

If you play in a local game, this thread should catch your attention!

We are looking to team up with offline players from around the world to push PokerInside in your local area. We have done some testing and found that offline events are a great way to bring new players to our Network. We will pay you Salary + Commission and would like to work with you very closely!

This is for you if:

  1. You play in a weekly home game / club game
  2. You have 20 or more local friends that play poker
  3. You have a local poker room that attracts players
  4. You play in any offline events in your city

If you meet the criteria above, please start a NEW THREAD in the Live Games section with the subject of: CITY, STATE

i.e. if you have a local game in Denver, Colorado, the subject of your new thread would be: DENVER, COLORADO

In the Message Body of your post, please tell us a little about your games as well as any ideas you have on how we could help you push for more players. Remember, we've got the money to help you, and we want to make your events the best they can be!

Please post the following information plus any more you think would be needed!

First Name:

How many players:

Stakes Played:

How often:

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