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Posted on Feb 11th 2008
want to find home games in kent
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Posted on Feb 14th 2008
i have one in Romania Bucharest
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Posted on Dec 9th 2008
hi guys I host a small home game for about 15 to 20players all friends , we play about 25 to 50 D buy in and it sa lot a fun we try to play it once a week but it s not posible every time   cheers
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Posted on Feb 3rd 2009
Back in the late 70's early 80's my bud's and I would get together weekly on Sunday afternoon for a marathon while watchin the football games, as we were married off the games started to get further apart till all of the sudden we realized that we had stop! Well in the last 6 months we managed to start it up again, once every month - 6 weeks (that's all the wives will give us!), it's a small gathering (6-7 players), we play dealers choice (we hardly ever play hold'em, we play a lot of different variations of 5 & 7 card stud, couple of the guys are sic and pick roll-back games), either dealer antes or .25 & max bet is $1 ( $2 in some games) & minium to sit in is $50 (we playin for fun more than for the $$$, besides the wives will want us to spend = amounts on them, so we keep it cheap!), we'll play for 6-10 hours.  Last weekend we started at about 7pm (with 3 of us, the rest showed a little later) and the next thing we know it's 3am and CBC is showing the re-broadcast of the Vancouver game, well we shutter down after one more time around & so far no one has gotten in any trouble from the wives!!!  Anyone in the Richmond Hill area who might be interested in a friendly game, leave a post and I'll let you know when we are playing again!!
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Posted on Jun 25th 2009
we play every monday after aikido,£5 buy in,and £5 goes to club funds ПРАВИЛЬНО НУЖНО ИГРАТЬ В ПОКЕР НО И НЕ ЗАБЫВАТЬ ПРО СВОЕ ТЕЛО ЗАНИМАЙСЯ АЙКИДО И ДАЛЬШЕ
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Posted on Oct 14th 2010
I play with my friends 6 of us 50EURO by in winers get all 300E we play almost every week
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Posted on Dec 17th 2010
every weekend we play with the friends at home, bye in 40 $ 7-9 players
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Posted on Dec 21st 2010

every weekend we play with the friends at home, bye in 40 $ 7-9 players

sounds like a good game... you won it a couple time?

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Posted on Dec 22nd 2010
every weekend we play with the friends at home, bye in 40 $ 7-9 playersIn Latvia home poker games is ilegal. We can play only in casino or online. I know its stupid but hope in 1 or 2 years Poker will be oficial sport game....
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Posted on Jan 19th 2011
I play in the lybrary in university with my friends
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