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Posted on May 23rd 2008  -  Subject: User Guide :: The Lobby
The Lobby


Welcome to the Spadester Lobby, below you will find all of the information you require to know exactly what is going on in our Lobby.

Table Information:
At Spadester, you are welcome to play in our regular tables or tournaments. The list of tables that you see below is set to regular tables by default. If you would like to join a tournament, please click on the tournament option at the top left hand side of the Lobby.

Aside from being able to choose between a regular table and a tournament table, you are able to choose between three different types of Spades games:
Individual, Cutthroat and Partnership. By clicking the tab that coincides with your preferred game type, you will see a list of open tables.

The list that you see in the left hand side of your screen is a list of tables for players to choose in order to play Spades. At the very top of the table list, you will notice that you can see that the first column is the “Table Name”, the “Stake/Pot”, which is the amount of money each player is staking and the accumulative sum of the table, and finally “Players”, which refers to the number of each players currently sitting at the table.

Please click on the “Table Name” and look in the “Information” box on the right hand side of your screen to see the names and ranks of the players in each table. Spades Lobby

On the right hand side of your screen you will notice the various symbols that make up a deck of cards. These icons are used to indicate the various ranks of Spadester players. Upon registration, every player begins with the lowest rank of a single club. As you progress and continue playing, your ranking will improve to the second third and fourth levels of each of the various symbols.

News and Updates:
To learn about upcoming promotions, tournaments and new Spadester features please look at out “News and Updates” section located at the top right hand corner of the Lobby.

Switch to Real Money:
If you enjoy playing Spades for fun, you are sure to enjoy playing spades for money. is the first Spades website to allow you to play for both fun and money! To switch to play for real money, simply click on the blue “Switch to Money” located on top of the Vault (bottom left side of your screen). In this same location, you will also be able to see your account username as well as your up-to-date account balance.

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Posted on Jun 10th 2008  -  Subject: Yeah.
That´s very nice. I like that.  
Halataan kun tavataan. Puuhamaa on Paras paikka, Puuhamaa on iloinen. No ei nyt sentäs. Yo man, Suomi on paras maa, sry.
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Posted on Jun 12th 2008
thanks PI simon thats really help full now we can find the things whit more speed
Si no eres paciente y esperas la mano correcta para apostar ten seguro que perderas ;)
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