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Posted on Nov 5th 2009  -  Subject: RummyRoyal - Our Review

We have had a lot of people asking us all kinds of questions related to Rummy, our home poker room: RummyRoyal, how to play, promotions, and so on. So, I figured it would be beneficial for all of us to write a quick "review" of RummyRoyal and the great software/gaming experience they have there for us.

For a full review, please go here:


- Gin Rummy is the most known name for the game in the USA

- Stu Unger is a very famous poker player, but not too many know he was one of the genius Gin Rummy players in the whole world

- There are many interfaces between poker and Gin Rummy game and it is proved that great poker players have far better chances of winning in Gin Rummy.

- Some of the interfaces: skill game based on acknowledging the ratio between cards that are placed on table, used ones and chances of your opponents having them, multiplayer tables, etc


  1. Freerolls:

    • $10 daily freeroll every day at 13:00 GMT

    • $25 daily freeroll every day at 13:00 GMT (open to real players only)

    • $250 weekly freeroll every Friday at 19:30 GMT


  1. Special for Nov 2009:

    • 30K with $100 buyin fee

Important: there are ways of winning vouchers to this MTT buy winning tournaments with only $3.25 - $11 buyin fee:


  1. Guaranteed tournaments:

    • $1000 with $3.25 buyin fee every Monday and Thursday at 19:30 GMT

    • $2000 with $11 buyin fee every Tuesday at 19:30 GMT

    • $3000 with $22 buyin fee every Wednesday at 19:30 GMT

    • Lucky $ tournament - $750 G with only $1 buyin fee every Sunday at 19:30 GMT


  1. bonuses:

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Posted on May 24th 2010
hello valaki nemtudja,ha átállitottam magyarra az oldatl a Rroyalon és nem jelenik meg az összes betű igy, mit lehet csinálni?
Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts