Poker Inside SNG Challenge?

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Posted on Jan 18th 2008  -  Subject: Poker Inside SNG Challenge?
Is there anyone who can tell me the prize for winnig four times "pokerinside sng challenge 5$+0.5$" special tournament in a row?Place is cd poker.Ty very much.
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Posted on Jun 3rd 2008
ive always wondered how much it was...................
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Posted on Jun 17th 2008
i dont see any tournament
Si no eres paciente y esperas la mano correcta para apostar ten seguro que perderas ;)
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Posted on Jan 4th 2009
it should in information when you register
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Posted on Feb 22nd 2009
I' don't know too but I also noticed nobody registered for it yet, anyone know or an admin can tell us more about it?
The real railbirds poker team
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Posted on Feb 26th 2009
They show up on Betmost and CDpoker, my CD isn't tracked through here, does it matter if I play them on there and win?
HU at least I'll always be the best looking :D
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Posted on Feb 27th 2009

You will see them on every iPoker site since they are all on the same network. I would recommend you to play them on BetMost since your are tracked with us.

Displaying #1-7 of 7 total posts