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Posted on Dec 9th 2006
By a bunch of members informing us of the sites they like we'll try and bring GREAT deals with QULAITY poker rooms. If you're already a member of them then it will depend on the deals we can get with that site...but usually that means you won't be eligible for the benefits there. Say I've played a X site and I like the site, then if I email about X site and PI use it then other members will be able to experience the great X site that I also enjoy. We'll try and get a few so everyone can enjoy the benefits of one or another. However, rest assured we're looking for QUALITY instead of QUANTITY. That's true though, I don't think it would be beneficial at for the PI-Members to recommend other sites especially if they are already a member there. I would suggest this to PI. If the demand is high on a particular poker site recommended by the various members for PI to include on the existing PI Poker Rooms and are already members then may these members be rewarded at least 25 to 50 NIBS if they are not eligable for any sponsorships at that particular site. It is a win, win situation because many if not all of these members will be depositing money to play on that site anyway so why not provide an incentive program? Just a suggestion. Ninasamoa
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Posted on Jan 5th 2007
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Posted on Jan 9th 2007
hi there am a new member I'm not very good at english please help on which subject do you want help..some one teach you english?lol
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Posted on Jan 17th 2007
which ever site that allows fast cashout it is great
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Posted on Apr 14th 2007  -  Subject: kaspi
I would like to see apgraded rooms, because I am searching for a new one to play. Of cause through Pokerinside. Kasparov9
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Posted on Jul 4th 2007
hmmm i know many poker room of ipoker network .. it matter?
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Posted on Jul 4th 2007

hmmm i know many poker room of ipoker network .. it matter?

Of course, simply email them to our Feedback team ( feedback @ ) Thank you :)

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Posted on Aug 14th 2007  -  Subject: vc poker
hi there if u sign up for vc poker and in bonus section type 'FREEMONEY' they credit you with $10 within 72 hours, ive made about $300 from that already
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Posted on Jan 4th 2008
Do NOT post the rooms in our Forum as the posts will get deleted. Instead, email us
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Posted on Mar 2nd 2008  -  Subject: No poker room
Should get more poker rooms with rakeback!
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Posted on May 31st 2008
this is a good idea
Paulo Pereira
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Posted on Jun 25th 2008
very good idea
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