CD Poker soon to close!! :..(

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Posted on Apr 5th 2010  -  Subject: CD Poker soon to close!! :..(
I was sitting outside in the clubhouse when I got what will be my last phone call from CD support. CD will soon be shutting down. All accounts are being transfered to William Hill Poker.   That will be a sad day when they're gone!   Not sure about the transfer... they have made me an offer, I've gotta think about it!
Remember, Mother always knows best!!!!! (lol or at least that's what she always told me;) !)
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Posted on Jul 6th 2010
Wow,just read your post.I didnt know that.Was just contemplating going back,guess not now!
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Posted on Jul 10th 2010
can anyone confirm this, i was thinking of signin up there soon, through PI
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Posted on Jul 13th 2010

Unfortunately yes, they are now merging with WillamHill which is one of the biggest iPoker room. You can try Willam Hill via our Poker Rooms page.

Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts