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Posted on Aug 9th 2006  -  Subject: best poker room
in my opinion the best site to play on is full tilt. but the best way to get rich quick is the step programs at partypoker, but their rake is ridiculous!! $5 at a full table. cdpoker is pretty good, just dont like their tournament formats, only 1000 in starting chips
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Posted on Oct 10th 2007
I think CD best of the best over all for near futures.
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Posted on Oct 11th 2007
I"m with Zorro.
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Posted on Oct 13th 2007
I like CD poker but itsnt my favorite.... still play it sometimes though
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Posted on Oct 17th 2007
I think the reason either you like a certain site on don't, depends on your success on that site. If you are losing, your opinion isn't as good as if you are winning.
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Posted on Oct 28th 2007
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Posted on Nov 2nd 2007
But still many people are very satisfied with cdpoker... The nice thing about cdpoker is, its playable for all bankrolls!!
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Posted on Nov 13th 2007
Think CDPoker is the best!
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Posted on Nov 15th 2007
I think all the ipoker sites are very good,for getting the bonuses.
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Posted on Dec 27th 2007
I think CDpoker is best,though I started play poker at pokerstars then triobet now actualy i4poker ftw!
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Posted on Dec 27th 2007
i am playing at betmost now, virtually identical to cdpoker, only the garish rug is gone. i really liked partypoker also, only problem is tons of lagging since i only have a dial-up connection. visually i like pokerstars hyper-simple theme with the large 4 colour simple cards.
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Posted on Dec 31st 2007
FullTilt Poker, CDPoker, PokerStars,
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