anyone noticing the amount of str8s on the site???

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Posted on Sep 20th 2007  -  Subject: anyone noticing the amount of str8s on the site???
anyone else noticing the amount of str8s that are catching? is maybe the hand generator messing up? the reason I mention this is mainly because Of all the gutshot str8s that I have watched hit in the last 2 days and I mean there have been hundreds but the thing is they always connect on the river. OR!!!?? i watched this evening alone as 6 ppl flopped a str8 on seperate hands of course and lost to running suited cards to give someone a flush. here is a prime example. player 1: K of clubs and Q of spades Player 2: A of clubs and K of spades Flop: A of spades, Jack of Spades, 10 of clubs Player 1 checks Player 2 bets pot Player 1 reraises all in player 2 calls Turn: 5 of Spades River: 7 of Spades I mean I know its a bad beat but I watched it happen to 6 ppl this evening alone. all at the same table.
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Posted on Sep 20th 2007
I have not noticed anything !
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Posted on Sep 22nd 2007
It does seem to happen more often, but you have to remember that you are playing online and more hands are played per hour so you will see things much more often online then you would in a regular cash game. However, I have not noticed an over amount of straights being made on CD. Just be glad you were the one losing all of them.
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Posted on Nov 4th 2007  -  Subject: cd poker
i tries to get the money of cd poker but i don`t have enoaght nibs yet. can you help me please
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Posted on Nov 14th 2007
If worse pokerplayers play poker its a logical thing that more straights ar on the table... Some people call all in with every card... 3 5 o for example... Im not surprised this happens a lot online...
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Posted on Dec 1st 2007
All day today, people been calling my preflop raises and then on the flop when I catch straights they bet I raise and then they'll catch runner runner flush (wtf), or if I hit my set, they'll catch runner runner straight. But when the shoe is on the other foot, I'll end up 4 to the flush or with an open ended straight. They say that when you are catching bad beats, that you are playing good poker.
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Posted on Dec 5th 2007
These bad beats are hard to take,but you will find donks who will chase anything to the river on all sites. This kind of thing is certainly not restricted to CDPoker.
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Posted on Dec 11th 2007
Wasn't trying to suggest that it was limited to SeedyPoker, but I am dam tired of these idiots finding ways to beat made hands with junk that needs runner runner to win. And while I know it isn't really the site but the idiots playing, you just sometimes get the feeling that there something wrong with their RNG. I must say that on CD I see more money going in bad, only to win than on most sites that I play. Sorry, had to vent.
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Posted on Dec 12th 2007
i noticed that some networks favourize the agression, but i cant be such a player(am i a bad player)
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Posted on Jan 20th 2008
Thats a good point JOSH made about how there are alot more hands being played. Something to keep in mind anyway
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Posted on Feb 28th 2008
Dunno but I don't like playtech very much.
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Posted on Jul 13th 2008
ive noticed a lot of flushs being made on cd poker because people chase them all the time and play any 2 suited cards for this reason. but on the flip side its good when u r the one beating the str8 with flush so im of the opinion u will moan when people hit str8s and flushes against but saying nothing on the forums when they go in your favour.
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Posted on Jul 24th 2008
yes I noticed that too
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Posted on Jul 25th 2008
The card generator is fine. Thats the most important thing in any poker site.
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