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Posted on Nov 14th 2014  -  Subject: Zumba Creator Alberto Beto Perez
I have 3 dogs, all of distinct strains. Each of them is unique within their own way, endearing and peculiar at the same time. One of the unexplainable behaviours they have all developed is the howling at sirens or noises they hear which we as individuals may not. Howling has been researched and some believe it is an ancestral behavior - probably deep love quotes But one must wonder why in this very day and age that which drove wolves to howl is not any longer mandatory in the domesticated home dog. So one would wonder in the event the sounds the dog hears hurts the ears and howling is a response to pain. But this theory is not supported by veterinarians who consider that the love test piercing sounds don't hurt a dogs ears. The puzzle within my family happens daily in the wee hours of the morning in the bedroom when one of my dogs raises his head with nose pointing to the sky and starts the howl. I call one the tenor of the group. Just like a chorus the 2nd dog will join in, this love struck like the alto of the group. Then, finally the third one joins in. The second dog actually sounds like the soprano of the chorus. It might be entertaining but in the early hours of the morning. I listen for a siren, also it's not apparent if you ask me. So was it once a siren and today it's a custom? phrases of love chorus lasts for a short while, then the dogs go back to sleep. It will take a little longer for me to get back to sleep. Sometimes during the day I will hear a siren, but no howling. And occasionally I'll hear a siren as well as the howling starts. Why? And if I start to sing in a high pitched unconditional love quotes may be joined by my animal chorus - joining in precisely the same sequence - the tenor, alto and soprano! It is a thought. And when they "sing" with me are they absolutely rewarding me? I do think I will not have the capacity to break them of the habit of early hour morning howling, so I just have to accept
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts