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Posted on Mar 14th 2008
i tink is the best site on the net
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Posted on Mar 23rd 2008
I agree, cool site, good source of promotions and poker rooms.
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Posted on Mar 24th 2008
I love PI, nice!!!(Y)
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Posted on Mar 26th 2008
I also agree, very good site
Its hard to tell if I,m Bluffing
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Posted on Sep 12th 2008  -  Subject: new site
As i said Pi is a great site and now that it's all new i'll go ask support for the possibility for friends request to come back. (on the old site you could make a friends request) This was realy cool!! One of the best things is that here you have real PI buddies. Because of that i have got buddies all over the world and that's awesome. I am from Holland and when i would go to the U.S. or France or almost any country on a vacation ever, i have in very many countries a buddie where i could stay overnight in such case, and vice versa. Is that cool or is that cool!! realy from South Carolina to Paris. Just by playing with them and chatting, that's pretty close for someone you never personal met and for Forum Buddies. From something good comes good things. I thought this is realy pretty special for a pokerforum so i wanted to mention it.
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Posted on Mar 29th 2009
PI is really the best...great design of web,cool promotions,yeah.i like that
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Posted on Apr 6th 2009
I love PokerInside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday, I wons the Fantasy1Challenge....  It was really nice....  thx a lot  PokerInside!!!!!! I love it to be here...    :))))))))     Best wishes to staff and members
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Posted on Apr 7th 2009
Obviously winning one of the PI games will make you really fall in love but not me I'm a true fan whatever we lose or win
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Posted on Apr 18th 2009
PI is good but the old posts should be updated lol
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Posted on Jun 11th 2009
The best poker site ! BetMost :D
alecs ptk
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Posted on Sep 9th 2009
Despite recent downswing moving to betmost and PI was the best move ive made in poker.
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Posted on Apr 30th 2010
best poker reward community I have seen :)
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Posted on May 6th 2010  -  Subject: PI
Yes its to me the best poker forum thats out else can touch pokerinside..the support here is the besrt aswell..
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Posted on Jul 8th 2010
I guess we could boost the activity a little in here!
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