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Posted on Mar 22nd 2008
Dont play there again!
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Posted on Jun 24th 2008
get then to play again.. and pay someone to deal the cards than take ur money back..and kick the hell outa them
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Posted on Jun 24th 2008
think about a good investment in card dealing machines ;p
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Posted on Nov 29th 2008  -  Subject: Not fun
In my 20's I used to play with the small change and this mate and his wife used to cheat, caught once and no more small change. Machinegun all parasites, I say
Don't let 3 suited cards on the board scare you
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Posted on Dec 14th 2008
It's the same old thing, Whatever game you play for money, there will always be people that know how to cheat and win big. Thats why you never play cash games with people you don't know.
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Posted on Apr 25th 2010
is it posibble?
XA.. :D
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