I never seem to do well in tornys?

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Posted on Aug 19th 2008  -  Subject: mtt
maybe is for the variatility of your oponents game style, and if you play so tight you can have a problem that the time you have to recive a good hand takes too long and you spend much chips waiting that your winings with your best hands.
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Posted on Sep 11th 2008  -  Subject: hay
playiing tight is good but not 24/7 u need to mix your game up or you will be to predictable mate
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Posted on Oct 1st 2008  -  Subject: experience
I think experience is (part) of the answer. Furthermore patience and well timed agression. And for last, you can't win a tourney if you don't know how to bluff or without bluffing sometimes. And even if you're good at all those things, you can't play EVERY tourney good...GL
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Posted on Jan 31st 2010
in tourneys is great to wait for spots, play cheap preflop pots, and then make them as big or keep them as small as you want, if the pot degenerates and you don't like it , wait for the next spot ;), there will be tourneys in wich you just won't be able to do something, wait paciently, if it still doesn't come oh well, next torunament will be the one
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